rains cats and dogs

ah hahaha....when i get up this morning, i only heard the sound of heavy rain....
that is not a good news, i have to go to university by myself

should i go to school became a big question at the moment
after few seconds
so i decide to turn on the computer to play a game,
"maybe it will stop after few minutes" i think.

when the computer was working, i typed too fast and cleaned my adsl account
my card of account is already gone...
i looked at the computer for a while, and changed my mind
.....................to watch television :D

well, i'm lucky that it stopped after twenty minutes, and i won't be late at the time.

i like raining, especially that has been hot for long time
but i do not like ride the motorcylce in or after raining

i hate the raincoat
i prefer to get wet in the rain than wear the raincoat

but i do not want to be wet and messy in school..

moreover, there are always some guys like to ride pass somewhere with many water
i have been wet by those people....with the water in the pit
the feeling is not well....that is very annoying

after my classes, the rain was not heavy
that is a very joyful thing to me.

old picture(sorry )

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